Tarot Spreads


I’ve been reading Tarot for about a year. I read for myself, my friends and roommates and for strangers on Reddit. I enjoy giving insight and advice that you find helpful.

Here is what I offer.


Just one card.
One card is often enough.

An Insight reading is just one card. It is a quick and simple way for me to get the gist (and, often, right to the heart) of the matter. It is best at identifying the cause of the most trouble in life or in a relationship. This is my alternative to clarifiers (extra cards drawn for clarification) and my go-to spread when you:

  • don’t know what spread to pick,
  • want a general reading,
  • don’t give me enough information.


Past, Present, Future spread
Want to check in on progress?

A Past, Present, Future spread consists of three cards that, well, show the past, the present and the future of your life, relationship, project, career and so on. I will often combine this spread with an Insight card for better, well, insight.


What's yours?
What’s your purpose?

A Soul Purpose spread consists of four cards that will say where you are on your Soul Path and give incredible insight into your personal purpose, what you will contribute to your community and to the world. This spread works better if we have already done your chart or if you have given me information about yourself: personality, interests, background and so on.


Hard to make a decision
Have to make a choice?

A Decision spread consists of four cards and helps you choose between two alternatives. It shows what you have to lose (or gain), what you have to consider and, of course, the outcome of each option. If you are between two careers, partners, projects, etc., this is the spread for you.


Transformative Celtic cross
The classic in-depth spread.

A Transformative Celtic cross consists of ten cards and will describe your problem in more detail, giving insight and advice on how you can best approach the situation. The issue in question is represented by the card in the center of the cross. I either take the card that shows where you are on your Soul Path or I take the card I drew in a related Insight reading.


This is not an exhaustive list, as I will accept requests out of my comfort zone to expand my skills. Especially if it is a quirky request.

If you wish, I will create your birth chart and give you an overview of some of the most important points. I recommend delving into this if you can make time to research, read and take in this life-changing experience.

And I ask for feedback.

Throughout and after every reading I will ask questions to make sure you are receiving the advice and insight you have come for. I will also ask for more information when it is needed for the reading.

If you are in an abusive relationship, find out the four simple truths that will help you heal.

If you want a reading, please fill out the contact form below!

Payment: see the pricing schedule here! And be familiar with the Terms of Service and the Disclosure Statement. Thanks! (Statement of Ethics coming up!)

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,