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Not so long ago I was depressed. I needed to know more about myself to dispel the lies and illusions my negative conditioning had forced on me and to gain self-esteem and confidence. So, I looked into my birth chart, and it opened my eyes and empowered me.

Now I’m offering my help to you, so that you can go through the same eye-opening and empowering experience and gain invaluable knowledge about yourself.

I’m doing individual charts for now and I want to expand into synastry and composite charts in the future to explore interpersonal compatibility and relationship quirks.

So, what’s a birth chart?

A birth chart is an image of the sky above your birth place in the moment of your birth. It shows all the planets in the solar system, the Moon, the Sun, the houses, some asteroids and a few important mathematical points.

The houses correspond to the signs and rule twelve different areas of your life, such as career, relationships, family and so on.

The interaction between all the points, planets and other bodies is shown through the different angles they make with each other. There’s a lot of associated jargon (sextile, conjunction, aspect, orb, etc.), and I’ll be using common words (angle, major, minor, degrees and so on) for the sake of your sanity. (Don’t worry about mine, it’s already forfeit.)

Most of these Astrological topics are already covered by several websites and I give you my favorite links to some of them (like the North Node ones). So, be ready to make time to research and read.

Example of a birth chart.
This is what a birth chart looks like…

…and this is how I deal with it.

Moon and Venus – emotions and relationships.

I will tell you if there are any Moon-Venus angles, as they affect your approach to relationships and love. Squares (90°) and oppositions (180°) are the trickiest to work with, as these angles create conflict between your emotional needs and your relationship expectations. This friction can be eased by being clear on your priorities.

Densest signs – how you live.

The most populated signs show which sign or signs you live as the most. Yes, your Ascendant and, sometimes, the location of your Mars describe the “mask” you wear and your Sun sign matters, – I have found that a person’s densest signs define their core personality more accurately.

Tenth house – the kind of work you like.

The Midheaven (a fancy word for the tenth house) describes your work preferences. The ruler of the sign it is in also matters – mark their position and follow their advice.

Vertex – fate and karma.

The Vertex is a curious, powerful little point in your chart that tells you about your fated encounters and events, as well as what skills you are destined to master. Both the sign and the house the Vertex is in are important.

North Node – your soul mission.

The North Node is a wonderful point in your chart that shows your soul mission. Both the sign and the house it’s in are important, though the sign takes a slight lead. North Node’s opposite point, the South Node, carries information about who you were in your past life. Heed your North Node’s advice to have a greater chance of attracting your soulmate!

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