Taking Long Breaks Is Awesome! Also, Rakuen.

Taking Long Breaks Is Awesome! Also, Rakuen

Yo. Sup.

I took a three-day break recently. It was awesome! I watched video game playthroughs on YouTube. All day. Three days in a row.

Saw a Cat Quest vid and I’m totally gonna be getting that one. Some time. I mean, an Intel graphics card as the “maximum” requirements, come on. And it doesn’t cost a fortune.


So, to what end did I take such a long break?

First of all, why did I even take a break? That’s simple. Cuz I needed it.

Everyone needs a break every now and then, especially people like me. You see, I’m Capricorn-heavy, and other things, so I tend to get lost in things I do. I start something, get carried away, don’t think it’s actually work, but it’s actually work.

Yes, I’m a workaholic.

No, I’m not a lazy sloth.

(And yes, I love video games.)

Breaks are something that I still need to figure out for myself. I can’t, for the life of me, make myself take them while I work, a.k.a. “do something”.

And I do got a lot to do. So, I need a lot of breaks.


Why so long?

Well, as I’ve said, when I start doing something, I get carried away. Like, for hours.

Homework? Easy two-three hours at least.

Instagram? A couple of hours initially, because research and caption writing and pic choice and design. Then an hour or two more to follow up on engagement. Then twenty minutes here, fifteen minutes there, a bit more cuz I can’t fall asleep…

Also, mental health concerns are why I took that long. I have a lot of suppressed and ignored deep feelings and emotions I gotta work through. And to tread upon such dangerous roads I need time.


Speaking of mental health concerns. (Rakuen part.)

(I’m going to see a doctor who might prescribe me something, like mood stabilizers or whatever. But that’s not the point of this part.)

The point of this part is Rakuen.

I watched Cryaotic’s playthrough of it.

Rakuen is amazing. It’s a mix of an alternative fantasy reality, a quiet tragedy, heroism and passage between worlds. And that’s right up my alley.

And from this video game, I learned precisely what I needed to progress with my emotions. I learned what nurture and support are and what they do. I so needed that.

I’m happy I progressed here.

Now I just gotta figure out how the heck I’m supposed to get a job (ASAP). And what job.

And do a shitload of other things.

Son of a beholder.


How have you been these days? What do you think of beholders? Drop a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,

Anna, a.k.a. #GypsyCelt


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