A Self-Respecting Stray Cat

Kitty got a place in my lap

Hello, dear reader!

On November 2 I was returning to my grandmother’s home late in the evening. It was cold and windy, as it always is late autumn in Khabarovsk, so I was eager to get into somewhere warm. I entered the building, then the elevator and pressed the ninth floor button.

Suddenly, a small, lithe, slender creature snuck into the cabin, right before the doors closed. The animal and I exchanged glances, and I saw this. Continue reading “A Self-Respecting Stray Cat”


Hilda, the Maine Coon.

Kitty's just chillin'.

Hello, dear reader!

My mother once told us she wanted a Maine Coon. She repeated her wish during family dinners, saying ‘how wonderful it would be to have a Maine Coon’, and, no doubt, in private conversations with my step-father, until he said ‘yes’. Continue reading “Hilda, the Maine Coon.”