Weekly Work, Life & Play Reading #1.

First reading in the series.


This is the first reading from my new weekly Tarot series! Yay! I finally run one!

I’ll use the Shapeshifter deck for every reading. I’ll draw three cards: one for work, one for life and another for play.

Work covers your life at work, be it an office, a construction site or your home. Also included are your school, college or university studies. Any work-like hobbies and volunteering, such as cooking and repairs, go here as well.

Life refers to your time away from work and leisure. This card’s also about your family, friends, and relationships.

Play is how you unwind and have fun. Movies, Netflix, reading, video games, hiking, biking, beach, you name it.

And of course, all three cards work as a team. Many people play for a living or work with their family members.


Now, on to the reading.


Sixth of August, 2017

This is the reading
An emotionally difficult week.

The week ahead will be emotionally difficult. The Lovers point to strong feelings, and core ideals will often take the lead. Rejection is sure to bring your spirits down. Fortunately, The Four Winds hint that you’ll find your calm zone amid the drama.


Work: The Lovers.

The Lovers
The Lovers

Prepare for emotion-heavy drama. Its cause could be something small, simple and solitary, but it’ll throw you into a fit. Your core ideals clash and harmonize with those of others. For that reason, your possible reactions can range from rage to euphoria and be extreme.

In the same vein, you’re likely to be overcome by jealousy, envy, and passion. You may be tempted to rush into getting whatever you’ve wanted, from a promotion to a love affair at work. So, proceed at your own risk. You can get burned or lucky.

To work through such emotions you may go off soul-searching. And you may have deep conversations with your coworkers, even if you’ve never opened up to them.


Life: The Four Winds.

The Four Winds
The Four Winds

Your environment may take you by surprise with its shallowness, and that’s okay. It’ll help you detach from The Lovers’ intensity. Go for a walk, listen to the dancing wind and the rustling leaves. Meditate.

At its extreme, this card promises wisdom and revelation. For certain, you’ll calm down and enjoy the autumn-like weather outside.


Play: Rejection.


Your leisure activities may burn you out. You may disagree with your playmates and they may kick you out of the group.

Look out for cancellations and remember: schedules and people can be inflexible. You’ll hear and talk about bad weather, “not feeling it” and other excuses. In the end, you may find yourself playing on your own or deciding to pass on it.



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