Never Try to Please Abusers – Focus On You!

Why does it hurt?

Hello, dear reader!

So many of us are in abusive relationships. We seek someone’s approval day after day and keep running into a blockade of judgment and criticism. We can travel to the Sun and back to earn the abuser’s love, attention and affection. We do whatever they ask us to do, but we always fall short in their eyes.

We must be doing something wrong here, right?

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A Self-Respecting Stray Cat

Kitty got a place in my lap

Hello, dear reader!

On November 2 I was returning to my grandmother’s home late in the evening. It was cold and windy, as it always is late autumn in Khabarovsk, so I was eager to get into somewhere warm. I entered the building, then the elevator and pressed the ninth floor button.

Suddenly, a small, lithe, slender creature snuck into the cabin, right before the doors closed. The animal and I exchanged glances, and I saw this. Continue reading “A Self-Respecting Stray Cat”