Enlightenment Feels Awesome!

Hello, dear reader! I have neglected this blog for a long time. My life has been changing and I with it. Here is what I am up to!

Looking for a job and failing. No-one has ever taught me life skills.

Helping you and making your days (and lives!) better makes me happy. My passion had me tutor Russian school kids in (mostly) English and to my current Tarot and astrology tangent. Unfortunately, the local tutoring agencies require certification and knowledge of the local school program, neither of which I possess. Therefore, tutoring is out of the question. Retail it is!

Once I have experience in retail, my next job will be at a comic book store. Got a specific one in mind, but will stay flexible. There, I will look for opportunities to learn how to manage employees and budget for a small business and, hopefully become a manager.

Most of my life I have not been myself.

Now, after an arduous process of self-reflection, introspection, retrospection and delving into astrology and Tarot I know who I really am. All that knowledge helped me let go of my old conditioning and keep only the values and elements that are true to who I am and to how I want to live. I am still changing and learning how to discipline myself and manage my time.

Tarot and astrology are one of my main hobby projects.

I plan to read Tarot and help you interpret your birth charts as my main side business. Currently, I offer freebies to learn my deck, develop my style and pinpoint my desired client base.

Here is how my birth chart changed my life!

Developing a comic book idea around mental illness, minorities and assimilation issues.

It is dark, contains supernatural forces and gruesome crimes and is right up my alley. All three main characters are female, which momma like a lot, considering the majority of female protagonists to-date are still bloody love interests, supporting cleric-healer types (mothers and such go here), objectified teenage girls or females boxed into male stereotypes. While all these are wonderful and great stories have been written with or about them, that is not my female protagonist.

My ladies have mental issues. Leah has depression (and is a host of a rogue Shadow Demon), Painkiller has PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder (among other fun stuff) and the Officer has a severe phobia (of cats, because I am kind like that).

My ladies have real-life, real-world, relatable struggles. Painkiller and the Officer have to assimilate and integrate into society, – one was brought up by a vicious cult and kidnapped by alien monsters, the other is from an Indian reservation that is now lost to crime. And Leah is trying to run a business. An insane asylum, to boot.

My inability to draw lets me focus on a script, which is a challenging process with a very steep learning curve. Not only am I not from a comic book-related background, I also cannot afford to buy comic books, as I am financially dependent on my parents (for now) and they would not like it if I spent their money on comic books. To learn faster and gain feedback from experienced writers (including comic book writers), I joined a forum and have already hugely benefited.

Do not be afraid of change.

It is the natural cycle of life.

Where in the cycle are you? Leave your answer in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,


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