How My Birth Chart Changed My Life.

Hello, dear reader!

I used to think that stuff like astrology and horoscopes was total baloney made up for fun and killing time.

Now I know I was very wrong.

One day I got bored and gave in to curiosity. I had stumbled upon the term ‘birth chart’ (also known as ‘natal chart’) on the Internet. I thought “Why not?” and made one. Filled in the form and even knew the time of my birth somehow. Ticked all the boxes the instructions on the site told me to. Redraw.

Then, I took a look at my chart. The most important things are the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant and the North Node.


I knew my Sun was in Aquarius: detached, freedom-loving, independent and smart humanitarians.

My Moon: Pisces, made all the sense in the world. I’m an empath, which I had known for a long time. So, I expected something like this placement.

Now, the Ascendant.


Okay. That’s new and unexpected. And explains a lot.

I had thought of myself as a passive, selfless and quiet little girl.  Leo is nothing from that list, except selfless (to the right people). Leo is the goddamn King. Leo wants to rule, be popular and keep their subjects (a. k. a. friends and family) happy, loved and satisfied. Leo has a ten-ton ego. Arrogance is one of their main weapons, and pride is their strength and weakness. A family member had told me I’m egotistic and that hurt me because I thought it was a bad thing. Now I’ve reconciled and accepted my ego, pride, and arrogance. I believe that, if used and maintained correctly, they can be very positive traits.

My North Node.

Oh no.


My mother’s a Scorpio. I don’t like her very much: she’s controlling. And Aquarius needs freedom.

There’s also the issue of Scorpio being square (90 degrees) to Aquarius and Leo and squares are hard aspects, difficult to manage and reconcile. Fun times.

Scorpios are reclusive, smart, good researchers and detectives, insightful, vengeful, emotional, secretive, sensitive, individualistic, and sarcastic. They may forgive, but they never forget. Never salt a Scorpio.

Okay, I can get behind that. Fine.


Scorpios love and need sex. They’re magnetizing in a sexual way.


About that.

(Dies from sarcasm. Close curtains. Roll credits.)

I’ve never considered myself as needing sex, and I’m not sexually active! I’m super-picky and prefer to stay single than be with a less-than partner. In other, cheesier words, I’m a hopeless romantic who is waiting for the one.

Ha-ha. That part about waiting for the one: not so true.

Nodal Scorpios know how to build a ship. Anyone who fits their personal criteria can be their soulmate. Thus, they (may) have several soulmate relationships over their lifetime.

And that sounds promising to me.

Meaning: I don’t gotta worry about that 😉

What I do gotta worry about is my self-esteem because childhood wasn’t a lot of fun. My father was away most of the time and died when I was eleven. My mother and I have never been remotely close. My stepfather is at work most of the time and, anyway, Russians don’t have it in their culture that children would be BFFs with their stepparent(s). I tried to “earn my mother’s love and approval” by being a straight A school student, which burned me in the end. (PRO TIP: Don’t try to earn your parents’ love through achievements in school. You’ll get burned.) Now, my relationship with my “parents” is making me saltier and saltier. I’m practically a salt mine.

He-he. I’m so funny.


My chart helps me know myself better, and I use that knowledge to transform my life. I feel more empowered and mature and, at last, realize what it means to make a decision for myself and what decisions to make. You see, Nodal Scorpios are required to go deeper than six feet (I’m killing it) and understand the core, so they can transform whatever they need.

What amused me was that I’m only missing the influence of four signs: Libra, Gemini, Virgo, and Cancer.

There is much more to astrology than meets the eye, though. Just keep your eyes open.

Best wishes,


If you want some neat insight from your very own birth chart, I can make you one!

* Reference, anyone?

4 thoughts on “How My Birth Chart Changed My Life.

    1. Thank you!

      The online ones are not random. They take your birth date, birth time and birth place and calculate where the celestial bodies were at that moment in time. The main problem is that some people do not know their birth times.

      I doubt my chart is 100% accurate, as the exact time of my birth is unknown, but my chart describes who I am pretty truthfully.

      If you want to make your chart, I recommend searching online for ‘astrodienst extended chart’ and toggling ‘Vertex’ and ‘True Node’ on when you have the chance.



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