Hilda, the Maine Coon.

Hello, dear reader!

My mother once told us she wanted a Maine Coon. She repeated her wish during family dinners, saying ‘how wonderful it would be to have a Maine Coon’, and, no doubt, in private conversations with my step-father, until he said ‘yes’.

She looked online for the nearest Maine Coon breeders and found “Pacific Wonder”, part of the “Vostok” cat lovers’ club in Vladivostok. She contacted them, and they said “sure”, as their female cat was then pregnant.

The litter had five kittens: two tortoiseshells and three greys. My mother wanted a tortoiseshell, as that’s the classic color for Maine Coons. One of the pair was male and the other female, and my mother chose the latter, the smallest of all five, and called her “Hilda”.

Once she was big enough, my parents took some rugs, got into the car and went all the way to Vladivostok to pick her up. Hilda came with food, toys, scratcher, tray and some of her litter, veterinary passport, her pedigree and its certificate. She slept most of the trip.

The breeders gave us instructions on Maine Coon care. The information covered three pieces of A4 paper. We had to closely follow the instructions and to familiarize Hilda with her new home, her new family and our old Persian cat, Liza.

In the next four years, Hilda grew into a big, heavy, inquisitive, shy and playful cat, who eats expensive dry cat food, shrimp and raw beef and loves her treats. Most of her old toys either broke or became unusable and we replaced them with new mice, teaser, ribbons and shoe laces.

Where are you goin’? I’m goin’ with ya!

Hilda is afraid of loud noises, especially the intercom and the vacuum, and hides under beds and on balconies when she hears them. She’s shy with strangers and will ignore our guests for a long time. With us, her family, Hilda is affectionate and sleeps with my parents every night.

Unfortunately, the Maine Coon wasn’t friends with the Persian. They started with quarrels, caused by Hilda’s desire to play-fight and Liza’s aversion to any fights. As time went, they became neutral: they neither fought, nor quarreled, nor took care of each other.

We adjusted our apartment for the Maine Coon. My step-father nailed a few wooden planks in both our balconies and installed a real tree into the kitchen balcony to give the kitty something to climb, scratch and look out the window from.

Do you have a pet? If you do, what is it? If you don’t, state your reasons in the comments 😉

Best wishes,


I care about all cats, not just pure-bred ones! I found a home for a stray!

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